IntelliBee offers extensive benefits to its employees.

MEDICAL, RX, DENTAL &VISION PLANS:  IntelliBee provides optional comprehensive health insurance benefits, including medical, dental, prescription, and vision coverage to care for employees and their families. We offer 2 different plans with different deductibles and coinsurance. To keep the health care costs low, some of premiums for this coverage will have to be paid by the employee. The waiting period for a new hire is 30 days, first of the following month.

LIFE INSURANCE: IntelliBee provides $50,000 Life And AD&D insurance coverage for all active full-time employees.

HOLIDAY PAY (optional): IntelliBee will observe six holidays per calendar year. They are: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Employees will be paid for these holidays.

VACATION (optional): The Paid Time Off (PTO) will allow employees to take time off at their discretion with management approval. Full-time employees are allowed the following time off with pay: 10 days per year (you accrue at 1 hour per 24 hours worked) and 15 days per year after 5 years of service and 20 days per year after 10 years of service.

401(k) RETIREMENT PLAN: This optional tax-deferred retirement plan allows our employees to defer up to $18,500 of their compensation. Our employees can begin participating in the 401(k) plan 3 months following date of hire.

EMPLOYEE REFERRAL: An incentive of up to $5,000 is paid for any qualified referral resulting in professional-level hire.

CONTRACT REFERRAL: An incentive of up to 15% of the net contract profit may be awarded to the employee that has resulted from the marketing efforts of the employee. This will be paid on a quarterly basis.

Additional LIFE INSURANCE: Optional term life insurance coverage is provided for all full-time employees for a very nominal fee.

SHORT-TERM DISABILITY: Optional Short-Term Disability provides a salary replacement for up to 26 weeks for medical disability. The benefit is equal to 65% of the employee's weekly salary to a maximum of $1,000 per week.

LONG-TERM DISABILITY: Optional Long-Term Disability provides a salary replacement for medical disability that extends beyond 26 weeks. The benefit is equal to 65% of the employee's monthly salary to a maximum of $6,000 per month.

EDUCATION REIMBURSEMENT: You will be eligible for education reimbursement after 2 years of employment. IntelliBee will pay for your qualified education up to $5,000 per year provided you maintain a 3.5 grade. You will be required to stay with the company for 2 more years after get a qualified degree.

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