Baltimore, MD

Job Title: Power BI Integration Specialist

Location: Baltimore, MD

Job Description:

Performance Period :Five (5) year base period commencing from the Effective Date

Primary Place of Performance: TO Contractor’s location

Duties: Must be knowledgeable in implementing computer systems in a phased approach of requirements analysis and conceptual design, site survey, system design review, critical design review, installation, integration, and testing. Must be knowledgeable in performing requirements analysis for a wide range of users in areas such as office automation, and finance and accounting. Must be able to present system designs for user approval at formal reviews. Must be capable of performing configuration management, software integration, interpreting software test results, and recommending solutions for unsatisfactory test results. Must be knowledgeable in life-cycle support, including maintenance, administration, and management. Must be able to provide solutions to identified software problem reports.

Education: A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university with a major in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Business, or other related scientific or technical discipline. A Master’s Degree is preferred.

General Experience: Must have eight (8) years of progressive working experience as a computer specialist or a computer systems analyst.

Specialized Experience: At least five (5) years of experience as a Computer Systems Analysts

Project Goals

  • The resulting Contract from this TORFP shall be a T&M Labor Price Contract (as defined in subject to the contract ceiling amount that shall not be exceeded without the necessary Contract Modification and Change Order (CO) approval requirements.
  • The TO Contractor shall perform all work submitted to the TO Contractor via Work Orders, generated in project tracking tool and approved by the TO Manager or the OSCNP Director. Work Orders will be executed using an agile development methodology. onsite maintenance efforts may be required to complete all or part of a Work Order.
  • Client has support staff and contracts in place to manage data center operations, network operations, Internet services, website hosting, help desk for the Systems, and MARS and MDCS customer training. These activities are outside the scope of this TORFP.


The Assigned Integration Specialist(s) shall:

  • Manage scheduled releases.
  • Coordinate system testing, user acceptance testing, and production release.
  • Provide communications on the status of release and what is included with the release.
  • Validate the completeness of all development efforts prior to release.
  • Coordinate any intervention needed with DoIT to complete the release to production, including securing system data at rest, or storing copies of procedures and scripts to the client hosted team foundation server.
  • Develop and maintain related artifacts to releases including dependencies, hot-fixes, backlogs, priorities, release schedules, and issue resolutions.
  • Validate when the release efforts have been completed and mitigate reported issues.
  • Continue to Refine release management processes based on lessons learned.

Experience required working on: Microsoft Power BI Pro, Microsoft Power BI Gateway, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, Microsoft SQL Reporting Server (SSRS) 2014, Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 8.5

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