Salem, OR

Agency seeks an experienced Solution Architect 4 with expertise in Salesforce development and administration, to support the completion of the CALMS System implementation and the NAMRS annual reporting.


The CALMS Project is implementing a system developed in Salesforce that is used by the State or Oregon’s Office of Safety, Oversight and Quality. This system is used in the licensing and corrective action of facilities, and shares data access between additional state systems to ensure data integrity.


The CALMS Project needs a solution architect to support multiple criteria required before the OHA Office of Information Services can take over maintenance and operations.

These include: reverse engineering the data warehouse; documenting applications, processes and data warehouses; minor .NET development; S-Docs development; data warehouse support.

The solution architect will:

  • Provide temporary Salesforce development and administrative support through the completion of the CALMS System implementation and the NAMRS annual reporting.
  • Support will include but not be limited to: creating S-Docs templates, data reports, and dashboards; performing user management tasks; managing Salesforce environments; providing help desk support; providing technical consultation to other team members and the implementation of the NAMRS reporting application.
  • Provide training and documentation toward support of the application going forward.
  • Reverse engineer processes related to an existing data warehouse in order to accurately document existing processes around maintaining and uploading data into and out of the data warehouse.
  • Develop and maintain S-Docs reports for existing Salesforce applications.
  • Run and update an existing application developed in .NET to extract required data from the data warehouse to submit the annual NAMRS report for CMS.
  • Create detailed documentation of the legacy system and data warehouse exchanges and the Salesforce platform.

Required skills and experience:

  • Salesforce development including S-Docs (4+ years)
  • CMS / NAMRS reporting
  • .NET development
  • Creating documentation of applications, processes, and reports
  • Data warehouse support
  • Data warehouse uploads and upserts
  • Data warehouse reverse engineering

Individuals in this position have achieved a mastery level of experience that includes the capabilities of Software Engineers 1, 2 and 3 and who have the knowledge, skills, education and prior experience that involve the full and complete design of multiple software solutions. Is able to clearly communicate and document designs both at a logical and physical level and work with other state IT organizations as needed. Helps the Client Agency ensure that information technology solutions align with the Client Agency’s business goals. Has the ability to assist Client Agency IT and business leadership formulate tactical and strategic IT plans.

Our primary criteria are the qualifications and experience of the proposed key person. Please propose your strongest candidate, at a rate less than or equal to the maximum.Interviews will be conducted via Skype. Interview times will reflect Pacific Standard Time.Due to circumstances beyond our control, we anticipate two weeks or more for the background check completion for the selected candidate.

The selected key person could potentially telecommute, as agreed to between the Agency Authorized Representative and the key person. Any decision to allow telecommuting is made with the understanding that decision will be re-evaluated by the Agency Authorized Representative on a regular basis. The key person should be available to work onsite within reasonable timeframe.

Telecommuting will be contingent upon the key person providing his/her own adequate computer, monitor(s), Internet connection, and telephone, and be readily available during normal working hours via phone, email or instant message. Access to Agency systems will be provided via Citrix Remote Desktop or similar software. No hardware or additional software will be provided at the key person’s home site or his/her PC unless a specific device is required by the Agency to perform the work assigned (such as Multi-Factor Authentication devices).

If the Agency Authorized Representative and key person agree to allow off-site work, the expectation is for that key person to work onsite as soon as the general workforce transitions back into the Agency workplace.

Work schedule is typically Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Skill Matrix

  • Proficient 1-2 yrs .NET development
  • Proficient 1-2 yrs CMS / NAMRS reporting
  • Proficient 4-5 yrs Creating documentation of applications, processes, and reports
  • Proficient 1-2 yrs Data warehouse reverse engineering
  • Proficient 1-2 yrs Data warehouse support
  • Proficient 1-2 yrs Data warehouse uploads and upserts
  • Advanced 4-5 yrs Salesforce development and administration
  • Proficient 4-5 yrs S-Docs development

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