Atlanta, GA

Years of Experience:

6 or more years with IT security and audit experience with extensive knowledge of national/international security standards including NIST, PCI, CJIS, CMS, ISO, SOX, HIPAA, HITECH and other regulatory requirements .

Knowledge of security standards and progressive experience performing security assessments, and reviews.

1. Assist the Michigan Cyber Security, Risk and Compliance Division Director with the enterprise risk management process.

2. Assist specific agencies with State of Michigan risk assessment process, and identify gaps in security control environment and compliance requirements.

3. Perform gap analysis of security requirements implemented within the agency application(s) according to security statute, regulation, standards and SOM policies.

4. Provide guidance to Agency and DTMB Agency Services staff with standard interpretation of NIST controls and other security statutory and regulatory requirements.

5. Assist, enter information in the Keylight, complete risk assessment process within the state of Michigan.

6. Assist with MICWRAP Risk Assessment volume of work for agencies.

7. Assist with establishing Cyber Security Framework for the State of Michigan

8. Work with MCS Keylight team in improving MiSAP process.

9. Other cyber security related tasks as assigned

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