Lansing, MI

Job Description

Years of Experience:

15 or more years of experience in the field.

Design, develop, implement and manage all facets of Data Services architecture and governance supporting the effective use of the state’s data resource. Support the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) by planning, developing, and publishing data architecture standards and guidelines governing data services, data security and privacy, and data integration. Coordinate and promote the definition and use of shared data for all projects.

a) Create and maintain the metadata repository. Including developing and maintaining a formal description of the data, data structures, and data flow diagrams.

b) Develop and maintain the department data model to ensure integrated use across applications.

c) Coordinate and integrate system data models and design to promote data sharing, data transparency, eliminate redundancy, and provide for the efficient and effective use of the State’s data resources.

d) Provide data modeling and design guidance including identification of data entities, data dependencies, and data relationships.

e) Define and promote compliance to data standards, procedures, and guidelines to ensure data integrity, dependability, quality, and usability through the use of appropriate security, verification, and data management practices.

f) Perform development of a data management strategy, to ensure data security and appropriate data retention.

g) Research and promote opportunities to provide data reuse, balancing the issues of centralization and replication.

h) Ensure data integration with internal organizations and with external businesses and the public.

i) Promote standardizing data in collaboration with customer agency (EGLE) information system owners, application developers, business analysts, and Data Base Administrators within DTMB and vendor community.

j) Ensure compliance with the use of data services and standards as requirements within processes such as Request For Proposals (RFPs), and all phases of the State Unified Information Technology Environment (SUITE).

k) Develop a Master Data Management strategy supporting, and consistent with the agency’s business needs and the State of Michigan’s Enterprise Information Management objectives

l) Develop an Information Architecture Model supporting, and consistent with the department’s business needs and Enterprise Information Management.

m) Coordinate with the agency data owners to develop, communicate, and enforce Data Classification policies and standards.

n) Advise and consult on data related audits.

o) Research and promote data architecture principles, best practices, standards, and procedures.

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