Our Recruitment services include -

  • Permanent Staffing - caters to requirements for middle and junior level positions.
  • Turnkey Recruitment Assignments - specialized recruitment process that handles large volume requirements; best suited for start-ups/ new projects including large-scale expansion of teams across geographical locations.
  • Onsite Assistance - providing a dedicated resource for a specific period to help, guide and coordinate with the internal recruitment team and act as a bridge with our offsite recruitment team.

We assign dedicated teams by technology vertical for your needs, based on the volume. We follow a stringent process as described below.

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Global Resource Delivery Model:

  • Fulfillment lifecycle as a "process" driven function
  • Life cycle efficiency span - seven to ten business days
  • Customized dedicated fulfillment team
  • Defined hiring stages process follow through
    • Soft Skill Competency Assessment
    • Six Stages of Internal Tech Screening
    • Seven Levels of Compliance Checks
    • Client Assessment and Selection
    • Onboarding

Six Stages of Internal Assessment:

  • L - Level
  • S - Severity
  • S - Scalabity
  • T - Technology
  • D - Domain
  • A - Application

Seven Levels of Compliance Checks:

  • Employment
  • Drug test
  • Reference
  • Felony
  • Credit check
  • Education
  • Criminal check

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