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Intellibee is a global Information Technology services company that provides enterprise integration services.

We offer services in the Information Technology areas of cloud computing, wearables, IoT, mobile application development and analytics in big data.

Our offices have state-of-the-art engineering centers, which are located in Southfield, Michigan and San Francisco, California.

IntelliBee works to create IT solutions throughout the government, healthcare, auto and finance industries using cloud platforms and prototype driven agile methodologies.

IntelliBee has a 360-degree relationship with Salesforce as a Salesforce consulting partner.

Our products, IntelliFleetIntelliJMS and IntelliFit are built on top of a robust salesforce platform. You can read more about the power of our products by visiting our products page.

We pride ourselves on being a member of the National Minority Development Council with extensive government, healthcare and manufacturing domain experience.

In addition, our professional services division offers top-notch IT talent through the utilization of internal assessments and  compliance checks. We consistently provide top talent to architects, engineering firms and test teams in the IT space.


Some of our happy clients include...

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