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Intellibee is a global Information Technology services company that provides enterprise integration services.

We offer services in the Information Technology areas of cloud computing, wearables, IoT, mobile application development and analytics in big data.

Our offices have state-of-the-art engineering centers, which are located in Southfield, Michigan and San Francisco, California.

IntelliBee works to create IT solutions throughout the government, healthcare, auto, and finance industries using cloud platforms and prototype-driven agile methodologies.

IntelliBee has a 360-degree relationship with Salesforce as a Salesforce consulting partner.

Our SaaS products IntelliATS, IntelliHRM, IntelliTM, and IntelliJMS are built on a robust salesforce platform. You can read more about the power of our products by visiting our products page.

We pride ourselves on being a member of the National Minority Development Council with extensive government, healthcare, and manufacturing domain experience.

In addition, our professional services division offers top-notch IT talent through internal assessments and compliance checks. We consistently provide top talent to architects, engineering firms, and test teams in the IT space.


We aim to provide high-quality, technology-based business solutions at the lowest risk and optimal total cost of delivery to our clients. We try to reduce the TCO for our clients.

We strive for a long-term partnership with our clients. We are not driven by transactions; relationships drive us. Just as our mission guides us, we are equally sensitive to the mission of our clients. We provide values-driven consulting, leading the markets we serve by delivering proven performance and consistent results based on trust and confidence.


Intellibee will always provide our service for both Staffing Augmentation and Project implementation with the objective 'Will Go Above and Beyond' customer expectations by providing the right solution and the highest quality of service. The important message we send to our current and future clients is that we continue to improve our company’s service levels by re-investing in the company’s technology, employee training, and customer support.

  • Establish effective processes and systems, designed to meet all safety, quality, cost, and delivery objectives of the business.
  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement and constant evolution in our business practices as per market needs and demands.
  • Maintain a skilled, knowledgeable, and accountable workforce through individual competency development, effective communications, and employee engagement.


Intellibee Inc (Intellibee) will ensure security is built in every aspect of our development processes from planning, designing, developing, testing, and deploying to operations and maintenance for projects along with our Staffing Augmentation practices we provide for our current and future clients. Intellibee will ensure information security practices and guidelines are followed by both the Intellibee State of Applicability (SOA) document / Information Management Security System (ISMS) Policies and Federal / State security compliance regulations. To achieve these standards:

  • Intellibee will formulate and implement information security objectives and monitor performance against these objectives.
  • All Client Data conversions will be performed within the United States.
  • Closely adhere to information security compliance requirements, guidelines, and processes and adhere to a high standard of competence, professionalism, and integrity for all information security-related activities.


Intellibee Inc (Intellibee) is committed to protecting the local and global environment of the earth. To minimize our environmental impact, Intellibee shall:

  • Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements that relate to its environmental aspects to the City, State, and Federal requirements.
  • To include the consideration of environmental issues in all business strategies and initiatives working on projects in-house or at client’s locations.
  • Prevent pollution, reduce waste, and minimize the consumption of resources.
  • Educate, train, and motivate employees to carry out tasks in an environmentally responsible manner in-house and at Client’s locations.


Some of our happy clients include...

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