Juror 360: End-to-end juror management. From the moment a juror is selected this product enables your county and courtroom to track responses, qualifications, locations, and assignments through all technology mediums.

Robust Technology: Powered by the none other than the industry-leading cloud computing platform, IntelliJMS:

  • Guaranteed security, built on top of the Salesforce FedRAMP certified government cloud which enables you to scale based on your need.
  • The only 100% true Cloud solution.
  • Future ready and always up-to-date technology.
  • World-class reliability, protection, and disaster recovery.
  • Any device capable.
  • Never have to purchase databases, software, hardware or need to have any IT resources to keep them current.

Configurable application: Our product is built for all courts based on the NCSC JTC Standard for Jury Management System Requirements V 1.0 guidelines. However, the application can be configured to meet your needs.

Modules and Features Include:


  • Annual Draw
  • Questionnaire Management
  • Attendance of Jurors
  • Excusal Process
  • Postponement Process
  • Payment Process


  • Integrated summons process. NCOA validates before jury summons is mailed, reducing mailing and printing costs.


Integrated Questioner Management

  • Easily configure what questions need to be asked to the jurors based on your county’s needs.
  • When people are notified of their jury duty, they can answer the questions and update their information using.
    • mobile devices
    • website
    • IVR
    • Kiosks in the court.

IntelliContact: Integrated SMS/Email

  • Keep in touch with the jurors before they come to court.
  • During their stay in the court until they leave the court building using SMS and email.
  • Attendance reports will be tracked in the system and emailed.
  • Jurors can see their court information on TV displays.


Streamline juror check-in process and cut down wait time. When jurors arrive at the Jury room, they can check-in using:

  • mobile devices
  • kiosks
  • scanned in by an admin


Extended Jury Management

  • Courtroom clerks or Secretaries can update the selected jurors in a case and update their attendance using a tablet or computer/laptop.


  • All Jurors can see their assigned courtroom and reporting the time they are assigned to in real time on the TV monitors in the jury waiting hall.
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