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Applicant Tracking System:
An app that provides end-to-end management that recruiters can utilize to post job applications to Intellibee's website and other career job sites. Recruiters can also view/manage the progress of candidates through the stages of interviewing and offers. While recruiters can assist candidates in applying for a job posting, candidates also have the option to apply independently through Intellibee's website. IntelliATS provides the functionality to help recruiters keep track of which candidates have applied to which positions, and has the capability of sending emails/messages to a potential candidate that is suitable for a position.


  • Posted jobs are pushed to the IntelliBee website automatically
  • Publish select job postings to job posting sites
  • Extensive search capabilities on jobs, applicants, and submissions
  • Applicants and/or recruiters can submit to a job independently
  • Tracking capability of application progress for recruiters
  • Extensive reporting
  • Device agnostic
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